Thursday, September 3, 2009

Social Networking in Education - Due 9/10

the watcher....Image by santacrewsgirl{the original} via Flickr

The Machine is Us/ing Us
A 4:34 video taking us on a tour of what and how the Web is changing who and what and where we are.

Classroom 2.0
This ning website has over 29,000 educators registered. It was created by Steve Hargadon to give educators a place to go. Register in Classroom 2.0. Build your profile. Explore the community for 20 minutes. Look at the groups, forums and ??. Watch some videos. Consider how you would use this in your corporate setting, university or k12 classroom.

Personal Learning Networks are Virtual Lockers for Schoolkids

Vicki Davis explains how she uses PLNs in her classroom

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