Thursday, August 27, 2009

Distributed Learning Environments - Due Sept. 3

i had a dream . . . (Bob Sprankle)
Bob Sprankle poses a question that will guide our course throughout the semester. Watch it a couple of times see what you think

Distributed learning environments emphasize building a community of learners where individuals can be experts and are acknowledged as such.

The Horizon Report - 2009
Describes the long-running qualitative research project that seeks to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have impact on teaching, learning, research or createive expression within learning-focused organizations.

The Mistaken Identity of Blogging: Why Teachers are Missing Out

A comprehensive posting on blogging by one of my favorite bloggers, Vicki Davis.
This posting discusses what roles blogs play in education as well as the roles that blogs SHOULDN'T play. Look at how she links to other postings in the blogosphere to substantiate or further demonstrate what she is saying.

25 Basic Styles of Blogging
This is the basis for the different types of blogging that you will be doing over the semester and the rest of your life. These are probably NOT the only 25 types of postings that exist. Please share other types of postings that you discover as you read other peoples' blogs. You can share this by adding a comment to this posting or posting about it on your own blog or ???

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire
Learn which learning styles are your strengths.
Remember to PRINT OUT your results for later use.
Remember to complete the Tech Background Survey at the WebCT site.

Survey of Your Technological Background and Prowess
Please complete this survey to find out more about what you know and what you want to know about technology.

The History and Art of Juggling
Just found this video. It is an interesting metaphor for learning new things and trying to keep many of those new ideas "in the air" at the same time.

I look forward to meeting with you again next Thursday.

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