Thursday, September 24, 2009

Due 10/1 - The Flat Classroom

The Flat Classroom is a project that we will begin this week and continue for the rest of the semester. It will involve you mentoring K-12 students and then working as a judge at the end of the experience. Here are a few links that lay the groundwork for your involvement in the Flat Classroom.

Welcome to Flat Classroom Project 2009-3
Introduction to the FCP project.

Flat Classroom Project 2009-3 Timeline
Activity progression for this project

Flat Classroom Project 1009-3 Expert Advisors page
Expert Advisors Group on the Flat Classroom Ning.

Read the opening page and watch the video

Flat Classroom Opening Page Video

The World is Flat Flatteners - Friedman
A blogger explains the 10 flatteners listed by Friedman.

List of 11 Flatteners developed by WFP students
This is actually the judges page but it is the only place where I could find the flatteners. Click on each one to see the products that have already been developed.

Podcasting - Great place to host your podcasts. It's free, quick and easy.

Listen to some podcasts:

Ed Tech Talks - One of the pioneering podcasts for and by educators.

Women on the Web 2.0 - Listen to some women who are leaders in using Web 2.0 in their classrooms.

Room 208 Vodcast - Watch 3rd graders create their own podcasts.

Willow Web Willowcasts - Listen to podcasts created by elementary students in Omaha.

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