Thursday, September 24, 2009

Due 10/1 - The Flat Classroom

The Flat Classroom is a project that we will begin this week and continue for the rest of the semester. It will involve you mentoring K-12 students and then working as a judge at the end of the experience. Here are a few links that lay the groundwork for your involvement in the Flat Classroom.

Welcome to Flat Classroom Project 2009-3
Introduction to the FCP project.

Flat Classroom Project 2009-3 Timeline
Activity progression for this project

Flat Classroom Project 1009-3 Expert Advisors page
Expert Advisors Group on the Flat Classroom Ning.

Read the opening page and watch the video

Flat Classroom Opening Page Video

The World is Flat Flatteners - Friedman
A blogger explains the 10 flatteners listed by Friedman.

List of 11 Flatteners developed by WFP students
This is actually the judges page but it is the only place where I could find the flatteners. Click on each one to see the products that have already been developed.

Podcasting - Great place to host your podcasts. It's free, quick and easy.

Listen to some podcasts:

Ed Tech Talks - One of the pioneering podcasts for and by educators.

Women on the Web 2.0 - Listen to some women who are leaders in using Web 2.0 in their classrooms.

Room 208 Vodcast - Watch 3rd graders create their own podcasts.

Willow Web Willowcasts - Listen to podcasts created by elementary students in Omaha.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Due 9/24 - Getting More Connected

we are connecting

Best Online Collaboration Tools by Robin Good
Concept map including a myriad of links to tools.

My Webspiration
- Inspiration online. Great Tool!

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking - Good Intro to Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking: Making the Web Work for You - Great intro to using Diigo as our Social Bookmarking tool.

Twitter in Plain English - Good intro
Twitter Satire and Spoofs - Twitter comedy shorts

Flattening the Classroom

Watch the Atomic Learning 7 Steps Workshop in Creating a Flat Classroom"
This links to the first video. Watch all of the videos in Atomic Learning on Creating a Flat Classroom. I have not listed them in a specific order. Use the search engine in Atomic Learning to find the available videos and figure out how you can watch them in order.
CHALLENGE: How will you share your strategy with your classmates when you figure this out?

The World is Flat

Thomas Friedman shares his ideas about what makes the world flat. Watch this video to provide you with background that will be helpful in our upcoming Flat Classroom project.

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We will run a backchannel while Mrs. Davis is speaking. This way it will allow you to share your ideas with each other as well as providing guidance for Vicki's discussion.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Due 9/17 - Connected

Boolean alphabetImage by Hexadecimal Time via Flickr

Personal Learning Network by Will Richardson
Will Richardson shares his ideas about using Personal Learning Networks in schools.

Connectivism and Connected Learning by George Siemens
Dr. Siemens discusses Connectivism and how he and Stephen Downs implemented this into an open class.

The Gen-Y guide to Web2.0@Work
Sacha Chua's presentation on Slideshare about how her network helped her get a job with IBM.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
Innovative teacher Vicki Davis leverages wikis, blogs, digital storytelling, podcasts, virtual worlds, and other digital tools to connected students in rural Georgia to the world.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Social Networking in Education - Due 9/10

the watcher....Image by santacrewsgirl{the original} via Flickr

The Machine is Us/ing Us
A 4:34 video taking us on a tour of what and how the Web is changing who and what and where we are.

Classroom 2.0
This ning website has over 29,000 educators registered. It was created by Steve Hargadon to give educators a place to go. Register in Classroom 2.0. Build your profile. Explore the community for 20 minutes. Look at the groups, forums and ??. Watch some videos. Consider how you would use this in your corporate setting, university or k12 classroom.

Personal Learning Networks are Virtual Lockers for Schoolkids

Vicki Davis explains how she uses PLNs in her classroom